9 months!


This post is a couple weeks late but hey, it's up.

Lincoln is 9 months. Yes. 9 months. Can you believe it? He's getting so close to his first birthday! It's bittersweet thinking about how fast he's growing. I love watching him develop + learn new things but it's also sad thinking about how fast it goes by. He's getting to that age where he doesn't really want to snuggle or sit with me. He's just so busy. He's crawling everywhere, pulling up on furniture and just learned to clap his hands together (which is adorable, by the way) - even though we're getting past the whole cuddling phase, 9 months is definitely a fun age. He's more playful, talkative + is curious about every little thing. I like it though. It means he's going to be smart (what can I say? I'm biased).


Mommies, what age was your favorite?

Happy Tuesday!