i choose.

I Choose... :: A personal post about feeling defeated as an artist. Give up or rise up :: The Arrow House

Today's post starts a new journey for me. A journey to rediscover my love for photography, to slow down a bit and make time for more personal stuff.

Sometimes as an artist, you can feel lost. Overwhelmed in a sea of other creatives who are running about making their mark on the industry. It's easy to feel overlooked, inadequate and defeated. And in those moments of defeat, you have a choice. You can either give up or rise up.

I choose to rise up.

I choose to better myself. To learn, thrive, grow.

I choose to not compare myself. I have my own voice.

I choose to encourage other artists.

I choose to love what I do and to do it with excellence.

I choose. You choose.

We all have a choice. 

So, rise up, my fellow friend. Don't let defeat crush your spirit. Get out there and do what you love. You've got this.