the toddler life.


We have officially entered the wild world of "toddler-hood". Oh the joys.

Lincoln is everywhere. All the time. He's a little Houdini. Appearing and disappearing so fast I can't keep track of him. Do toddlers ever just sit still? Even for like five minutes? Yeah, I didn't think so.

This crazy inherited energy has made it almost become impossible for me to snap pictures of him. Long gone are the days where he would slowly crawl on the floor, look up at me and give me a smile. Now I get pushed aside and receive "dirty" looks.

I mean, come on. Just one good picture, son. That's all I ask.

And boom. Naptime last week.

He rarely sleeps in our bed so I seized the opportunity to grab a few shots. Could this be real? He's adorable and sleeping and STILL. Perfect photo opp.

I love his squishy baby face. And his lashes. And his bed head. And just...

him. I love him.

Thankful for these quiet moments where I'm reminded of how blessed I am.


Happy Tuesday!